Thursday, August 28, 2014

And Now ...

A life, which once was almost perfect, is destroyed but a word "break." For some people it might be meaningless, while for others it means a lot in a relationship.
As a young adult, to be in a meaningful relationship for one year and half with a person that will be her groom is very special and sacred.
It takes more than just time and certainty to know the right guy. Sacrifice and patient are two other big things that are required for the relationship to work and to spend the rest of her life with that same person without having a third or fourth person.
When a thought to break a relationship crosses his mind and comes out from his mouth, her life started to change drastically in just seconds.
She knows that he is the one that she wants. In contrast, he does not know if she is the one, if she can fulfill his needs for his entire life with her.
What she does not know is that whether he is making her as a stepping stone to be in a relationship, to feel being in a relationship, or basically just because he gave pity on her for loving him very much.
Sometimes a relationship can be one sided because they are not in the same page. And when it happens, it is hard to make the relationship work.
To build a strong relationship is the same as to build a strong high building.
With a help from scaffolding to build the base of the building and to the top.
At the end, a strong building was built with a very strong foundation.
And whenever there is an earthquake, no fear shall be felt because a strong wall has been made and there shall be no worry that the building will collapse.
It needs a strong foundation even in a relationship for it to last very long.

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