Friday, August 2, 2013

My Mom and My Dad

My mom is the best listener. She listens to all my stories, my sadness, happiness and my sorrows. She listens carefully as I say everything I have in my mind and she never cuts me off. She is not that kind of person who wants her kids or other people to listen to her stories, but she is a kind of person who loves to hear my stories to know what I've been through during the day. She does not judge me, not like others. She always does her best to be my best friend. A friend who is a lot different than my friends out there. A person who will always be there through sad and happiness of this life, my life and our life. Every time I tell some jokes, she tries to laugh even though it's not that funny. She did it because she does not want me to feel small for my attempt to make her laugh. When I say something, she listens. Although she likes to yell at me, but she has never ever ignore me even when she does not have any moods to listen to me. She has always been the best listener I have ever had. Your best friends most likely act like your mom, they listen and they want to be heard also. Better than people around me. No offense, but try observing people around you or people you have known for a long time. Other than best friends, they tend to make us listen to their story and they won't listen to ours. They don't form that 'give and take'.
While my mom and my best friends, we give and we take. Equal amount. Sometimes we want to take more than to give, but at the end of the day, everything will be balance.
Mom is the best thing that God has ever created for me. Although she is far from me, but as long as we can see each other through skype and hear each others voices and tell stories, I can always feel her presence.

My dad is my mentor. Although he didn't get a high education like other fathers, but his knowledge is broader than people I have ever met. He helps me building my future little by little. He avoids bad things to happen to me. Every time I don't know something, I just need to run to him and ask him and he will explain it very clear and followed by examples so that I can understand it clearly. He has never give me an 'i don't know' as the answer. Maybe he does it sometimes, but most of the time if he doesn't know the thing that I ask,  he will always try his best to explain the definition which is close to my question. For some reasons, he knows a lot of things even he didn't go to college.
He protects me. He always makes me happy. He corrects me when I'm wrong. He is my guardian angel. Age doesn't limit his desire to travel with me. Although we have to drive 10 hours in the middle of the night, he would do it for the sake of me as his daughter and for the sake of his happiness. He would do anything to make his daughters happy physically and emotionally. He will never make us cry. He hates to see tears roll down from our eyes. When I don't like something, he will follow. He never force me to do something that I want beside school. He never limits my freedom, unlike strangers. However, he will limit my freedom if he thinks that I'm off the border. He is like the best guy I have ever met.

My mom and my dad are the most important people in my life. Although they might be annoying sometimes, but most of the time they make me happy. And they are the reason for me being alive, stay in school and smile until this moment. They are the reason for me to run until I reach the finish line.
If only I can grow old together with them and die with them, I would do it.
I don't know what I will be without them, because I'm used to their presence in my life and because I haven't find other people who are similar like my parents and I will never found one, because I was born in this family, the family that God has chosen for me to live with. A family that is very diverse than others.
My parents, they never leave me alone, they always there when I don't see them. They know what I'm doing. They don't talk a lot like those people. My parents are smart people, they know how to act and how to manage things.
Both my mom and my dad never force me to do things that I don't like.
They spoil me a lot.
Right now I can't make them happy yet. The only thing I can do to make them happy is by telling them that I have good grades.
Nobody's perfect and so am I and them. We forgive and forget each others mistakes. We try our best to be a happy family.
This what makes me don't want to lose them. For God sake, I would do anything to make them stay alive until I get my PhD degree which is one thing that they want so bad.

I believe my parents are not the only best parents in this world. Yours are too. But not all parents are the best for their kids.
But mine, they are the best for me, because they love me and they will never leave me until God said so.