Monday, July 1, 2013

It's just another day.

When the sun comes up, a new day begins. 
New day means new hope. 
A hope for  another great day. 
A hope to be surrounded by beloved people.
A hope to be able to smile all day without letting any tears roll out from these eyes. 
A hope to have that breath taking moment in every second. 

The sun moves from east to north shining brightly heating up the universe. 
Fishes in the sea swim without any burden. 
Dogs and cats are walking happily with their masters. 
Children laugh freely in the park. 
However, not everybody can laugh as often as other can. 
It might be because of their conditions. 
Or it's simply because they have no one to share their joy with. 
Throughout the day, some people are having fun, but there are still a lot of people out there who don't have any time to think about having fun. 

When the sun reaches the west side of the coast, wind blows bringing its cold breeze. 
Streets are filled with cars and cabs. 
Trains are full with people who are on their home-bound. 
Fatigue is the only thing left after all day. 

Sun goes down and the moon is up with its dim light.
The perfect time to spend with family or friends or just by yourself. 
Staring at the moonlight while sitting by the river side calms your mind. 
During that time, the thoughts of what are the purpose to live started to fill your minds up. 
Some, who own a fortune will think about it rarely. But those who don't will keep on thinking about the hardness of this life. 
To live by yourself means to be an independent person. 
It is lovely to be able to survive this rough world without bothering other people with your needs. 
Sadly, when night comes, the feeling of loneliness will come and stick in your head for the rest of the night. 
And when it reaches the highest limit, tears will be hard to stop it from rolling out from the eyes. 
After crying all night, you fell asleep in your tears. 
And another new day begins. 
 New day is just another day. 
You might be happy during the day, but crumbles at night.