Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The life of those people in movies seem so nice. How they always get what wanted, achieve what they dream, and have friends who are always there to support them.
There barely any sorrow they have.
But in the real life, those things hardly happen. Most of the time, we got fucked up by people around us or even our friends.
Happiness does exist but happy ever after does not really exist. It's only in fairy tales where everything is magically happen in a blink of an eye.
It's so sad knowing that life is not as easy as we look in those movies. How life is very hard, how people are very harsh and how love, which suppose to the best thing in the world can make us suffer and heart broken.
What is going on in this world? No body knows and no one have the ability to change it.
The fact that life is short makes us need to enjoy every second of this life.
Although it;s hard to get through hard things alone, but we have to go through it unless you want to end these things.
There are a lot of fun things to do and all we need is just friends.
Find them!
I understand how other people's lives most of rhe time are better than ours. I don't know why but that's what I feel.
Some people are richer, some people are more beautiful, some people are more smart, some people are skinnier. Oh well, what can I do to change everything than just let it flow and go through it.
Destiny is destiny. No one can change it but us (Pak Nada). If you don't have the gut and the will to change everything, nothing will change and you life will remain the same.
I'm just making random post, but this is what I feel right now because I feel like being ditched by my new friends in this fricking city. They are BS.
So far in this post, I still feel my anger inside of me. I want to pu tit out all here but I don't know where to start. I rather talk about it than put it in alphabets.

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