Tuesday, April 30, 2013

It's you...

I cried on your sleep.
On your chest my tears fell down.
Through your jokes, my smile appeared.
However, none of them can get rid of my sadness.

I have no strength to keep my sadness to myself.
I can't bare these sorrows alone, but I have no one to accompany me going through it.
This life gets harder and harder by every second.
Nothing seems easy and nothing is ever easy.
Nothing looks great without having some colors in it.
When no one sticks around for a long time, blue sky turns to dark grey.
Sky turns to grey as you headed back to your town.
Rain falls to the ground, brings up the smell of the earth.
Crowds are dispersed.
Streets become quiet as the rain gets heavier.
I can't see the path in front of me, for it is hindered by the fact that this world is deserted.
Life is good, but nothing is perfect.
People were created as they are now.
The geniuses are everywhere. yet the one whom God created to always be there has to find the path to where I am.

the person I have just met a year go, now become a person I see everyday.
These thoughts might be cliche, but the fact that my happiness is always because of you can't be denied.
cheer me up when my world is sinking to the seabed and attaches to titanic.
Well you..
are unforgettable.
If you can read my mind, hear my conscience, and feel my heart beat,
you would know that you are never out of my mind.
That you are the rainbow after the storm.
Though you are out of my sight, but you will not be out of my heart. 
are the apple of my eye.
The beauty in the sky.
are the "please don't go"
in all of our good byes.

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