Friday, January 25, 2013

It's just far.

Looking out the window, feeling lonely and cold, only a cup of tea accompanies my night.
I'm wondering where you might be at right now.
I have no ability to track you down.
But I know that you are somewhere far. Far from the place where I write this note.
There are a lot of things going on after you left the city.
Moments that I can never explain in words.
Times that can never be repeated.
And things which won't happen unless you are here to mke real.
Story is like love. It will remains like what it is until you share it to some other people or friends.

You are like a book with a story that cannot be found in another book.
You are a song that's always stuck in my head and my heart.
Sadly, I can't sing anymore because I don't have you as my melody.
Speak out a word is hard to be done since I realized that I have no one to talk with.
Every time a word is at the edge of this lips, noises block it.

Minutes feel like hours before you come back.
What seems so close, it's actually so far away.
But I believe when the right time comes, there will be no space between us.
Snow ends this lonely night with it's beautiful white color that covers pine trees which makes it feels like Christmas.
A day when I spent a whole day seeing you smiling.

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