Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's just because

Tears rolling out from my eyes, making my cheeks wet.
As you enter the building, I started to cry even harder.
I can't feel any air inside my lung.
I can't breath neither say a word when you turn around and wave your hands at me with a smile on your face.
It weakens me even more when I have to drive back home without you inside my car.

The bridge became short, traffic was not in my home bound.
In just seconds, I arrived at home exhausted.
I'm losing my mind, my soul and half of my life.
I wonder why it happens to me.
There are no special reason for this miserable feeling.
It's a question that I can never answer because it's just because.
You cannot be the cause because I believe that you would not do anything to hurt me or to make me sad.
Staring at those beautiful eyes, adorable smile and feeling the warmth of your heart, gives enough proves that you are a soft hearted person, who will not break other people's feelings.

Flashing back to those days we spent together giving me some kind of misery on facing my days ahead.
Stopping tears from falling is really not my thing. You are the only person who can stop it.

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