Thursday, January 31, 2013

It is Love

One who got distracted by love can hardly find the way back to the reality.
A reality which is not always as sweet as it is in our imagination.
Love, which looks so adorable from the outside can become our enemy when we got trapped into it.
Thus it is always the best feeling to have when you are alive.
For it is given by the nature since this earth was created.

Love lifts a man up to the highest point the man can reach when it first meets in the eyes.
God has created a man and a woman to become one and to fill each other weaknesses.
A woman was created from a man's rib.
Thus, it is written and known that a part of man is inside a woman.
And when the right time is calling, a man should find the missing piece to complete his body, which refers to his life.
It has been known that a man without a woman is nothing but ash.
If men were never created, women will never exist.

Love can destruct a man into pieces when he realized that a happy ever after does not exist.
It has been written that nothing last forever, but having a strong faith and belief giving a man some kind of spirit to keep fighting for his love.
When a man got trapped in love, he will be "blind" for it might be the best feeling that he ever has.

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