Thursday, January 31, 2013

It makes me think

I see a man talking with his son. From their appearance, they don't seem like they come from a rich family. Forget about their status, but look at the way they interact. They may not have 36 cars or a yacht, but they look happy. Smile that appears from his son's lips shows that he feels joyful. The warmth can be seen from the way that man gives a candy to him and touches his forehead. A warmth that not every kid can ever get.
It might sounds silly, but if u were me and saw that father-and-son moment, you would say "I miss you dad"

It is Love

One who got distracted by love can hardly find the way back to the reality.
A reality which is not always as sweet as it is in our imagination.
Love, which looks so adorable from the outside can become our enemy when we got trapped into it.
Thus it is always the best feeling to have when you are alive.
For it is given by the nature since this earth was created.

Love lifts a man up to the highest point the man can reach when it first meets in the eyes.
God has created a man and a woman to become one and to fill each other weaknesses.
A woman was created from a man's rib.
Thus, it is written and known that a part of man is inside a woman.
And when the right time is calling, a man should find the missing piece to complete his body, which refers to his life.
It has been known that a man without a woman is nothing but ash.
If men were never created, women will never exist.

Love can destruct a man into pieces when he realized that a happy ever after does not exist.
It has been written that nothing last forever, but having a strong faith and belief giving a man some kind of spirit to keep fighting for his love.
When a man got trapped in love, he will be "blind" for it might be the best feeling that he ever has.

Friday, January 25, 2013

It's just far.

Looking out the window, feeling lonely and cold, only a cup of tea accompanies my night.
I'm wondering where you might be at right now.
I have no ability to track you down.
But I know that you are somewhere far. Far from the place where I write this note.
There are a lot of things going on after you left the city.
Moments that I can never explain in words.
Times that can never be repeated.
And things which won't happen unless you are here to mke real.
Story is like love. It will remains like what it is until you share it to some other people or friends.

You are like a book with a story that cannot be found in another book.
You are a song that's always stuck in my head and my heart.
Sadly, I can't sing anymore because I don't have you as my melody.
Speak out a word is hard to be done since I realized that I have no one to talk with.
Every time a word is at the edge of this lips, noises block it.

Minutes feel like hours before you come back.
What seems so close, it's actually so far away.
But I believe when the right time comes, there will be no space between us.
Snow ends this lonely night with it's beautiful white color that covers pine trees which makes it feels like Christmas.
A day when I spent a whole day seeing you smiling.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's just because

Tears rolling out from my eyes, making my cheeks wet.
As you enter the building, I started to cry even harder.
I can't feel any air inside my lung.
I can't breath neither say a word when you turn around and wave your hands at me with a smile on your face.
It weakens me even more when I have to drive back home without you inside my car.

The bridge became short, traffic was not in my home bound.
In just seconds, I arrived at home exhausted.
I'm losing my mind, my soul and half of my life.
I wonder why it happens to me.
There are no special reason for this miserable feeling.
It's a question that I can never answer because it's just because.
You cannot be the cause because I believe that you would not do anything to hurt me or to make me sad.
Staring at those beautiful eyes, adorable smile and feeling the warmth of your heart, gives enough proves that you are a soft hearted person, who will not break other people's feelings.

Flashing back to those days we spent together giving me some kind of misery on facing my days ahead.
Stopping tears from falling is really not my thing. You are the only person who can stop it.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Last Night in Winter

Snow falling from the sky.
Children are making snowman, playing snow fight and rolling on the ground to make snow angels, while their parents are chit chatting with each other in the terrace.
The city for lovers became white as it is covered with snow.
I'm sitting in the living room, having a glass of wine while writing a poem.
Looking at the window, I see a snowman which was made by those kids.
A smile implicitly appears from my lips, but tears keep rolling out from my eyes.
Suddenly it stops snowing.
Sun came out from its hiding place, shining brightly, heating up the whole city with its warm heat.
I'm getting off the couch, grab my coat and go out.
Wind blows into my body, making my warm body become so chilly.
I'm staring at the sky which one was sunny but now it's dark and lonely.
Moon doesn't shine neither do stars.
Where are those beautiful things which usually decorate the sky every night?
Where are the angels?

Afternoon changes to evening changes to night.
Sunshine changes into moonlight.
Beautiful day changes into cold dark night.
And today will be a history after the dawn in the next morning.
I don't want to go to sleep tonight because I don't want to face tomorrow.
A day when I have to leave this town, you and all those things we have done in here then go back to my old boring life with people who don't know me as well as you are.
This place, which I considered as my home will still be my favorite place to stay if I got another chance to come back.
The city, which once was an unknown city to me, now becomes the most beautiful city I have ever been to.
That peaceful feeling always surrounds me whenever I entered this state.
You are one of the reasons why.

Every hello has a good-bye.
And when the time comes for me to say good bye to this town, I don't want to make it as if it'll be my last time staying here in this place.
Because this city is the place where I can found you, my happiness, which I can never found it in another place.
People said that love makes me insane, which is true but they have no clue about the love which I'm having right now.
A love of the city for lovers.
A love for someone that I can never found one in a big city.
And a love which is priceless.
Every human creature who got trapped in love must have had same feeling that I'm having right now.
The miserable feeling about leaving a precious town and a happy feeling for spending the entire week with a special person.
Love doesn't always mean a feeling to someone, but it can also mean about your likeliness about a place where you can find your self smiling and being happy with no borders.
It is most likely that we love certain places because there is a person in that place who loves us to be there.
This last night is very cold, colder than previous nights.
Does this mean the city is saying good bye to me and doesn't want me to come back?

Rain came from no where, waters the whole city as you walk towards the front door.
When you enter the house, that would be my last direct greeting to you until we meet again next season.