Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sad Moment

I'm driving through the crowd of the city,
I'm stuck in the traffic without having any where to go.
As songs play, my mind starts to think about this life.
The life which I've been living for nineteen years as of today.
The hardness of this world cannot be compared with any other things in this universe.
Life is tough but going through it by myself is tougher than ever.
Happy times crosses through my mind making tears fall from my eyes.
I always think about stop living in this harsh world and be with God in his peaceful land, where I can never find any sorrow, sadness, fears, wars, hatred, even fights.
Tears keep flowing out of my eyes and I'm still where I am, not moving an inch.
I keep thinking about it, but then I realize that I still have my parents.
The parents whom were sent to me to raise and protect me through my ups or downs and happy or sad.
They were the chosen one to be my parents so that they can teach me about life and about loving other people as you love yourself.
They lead me to see the world and they always keep me away from anything that might cause me to cry.
Although this time, they cannot see me crying, but I believe that they never want to see me crying or hear me sobbing.
It would hurt them if they ever see me crying because I whining about my life, which people said it's almost perfect.
I am not perfect, I'm just a lucky girl.
My parents are old. Old enough to teach me more about what am I suppose to do later on when I have to live by myself.
Their answer will be: keep on praying.

I thank God everyday for what He has given to me.
All those good and bad days taught me that I can never always get what I want but I will always get what I need,
I love everything around me; the people, the place, the situation.
Your friends, your home, or your condition can be suck most of the time, but there is nothing you can do to change it. You tried but nothing happened. Yes that's life.
We cannot change what God has wrote for us today, tomorrow and for the rest of our life.