Monday, November 12, 2012

Absurd feeling

Telling myself that happy ever after exist.
But It is a lie
Every smile seems for me but it is not
Rain covers the whole city along with its cold wind, dark sky, thunder and storm
I can hear nothing but the rain drops on the roof
Happiness come and go but sorrows remain the same

World keeps spinning no matter what is happening
Day changed to night without asking permission
Clock never stops ticking
What has happened can never be changed
There is no time machine nor time freezer
There is only today and the future.
Yesterday has passed, leaving a story that can be told some other day
My time is running out.
I don't have much time left to tell you what I feel.
I may not be brave enough to speak up but with my faith in love, I take a chance to say it.
It might be impossible for me to be with you but at least I have a chance to utter what this heart feels for all this year.
It is a sin for not telling the truth or for revealing the secret of the heart.
I've done so many things to hate you but none of the works because you are too nice to be detested.

I wish i could say "i hate you" but it would be the biggest lie I've ever made because I have no ability to hate you instead I'm loving you to the fullest.

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