Thursday, October 18, 2012


I crawl to the edge of a cliff thinking about jumping into it and be in heaven.
That silly thought sometimes came across my mind making me weak.
Problems which I'm facing weaken my soul.
Having no one to share my sorrow leaves some kind of regret to be born in this rough world.

I'm walking dead.
My soul is somewhere in this world, apart from my body.
Staying alive is the only thing I have to do before you find out that I'm in love with you.

I'm letting everything flows where it wants to go.
However, it goes not to where I wanted.
This is rough. This absurd. And this is ambiguous.

I uttered weird sentences because you made me crazy.
Not only because of your sweetness, but also because mu stupidity for not telling you how I feel.
People may say I'm a lucky girl for getting everything I want. But I'm not lucky enough when it comes to you.
I may be able to get stuffs but your heart.
I would feel lucky after I can take your heart and put it into mine.
Melt you heart isn't an easy task.


  1. you can be strong if you have strong spirits xixiix don;t forget to comment back yaw. ganbatte !!!

  2. It's really hard to have that strong spirit. hahhahaha