Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I'm sitting in the train going downtown looking for something that reminds me of you.
Arriving to the place we went to, giving me some kind of flash back for a quite long moment.
Believing everything is alright can't be done by my heart because I know something is definitely wrong and it's not going as I expected.

Walking in the rain makes everything hard to be forgotten.
Looking up into the sky, I see a light sketch of your smile in the clouds.
Facing the street, I remember how our story flows. From the beginning I fell in love with you until the day when I started to have the fear of losing you.

I'm drowning in the crowd.
Lost among people in the street.
I'm thinking how lucky I am if I have you.
How wonderful my life will be if you're always be my side.

I feel empty.
I can't translate what this emptiness means.
Whether it's because my feeling towards you or because I have nothing to hold on when I'm about to fall.

Feeling beautiful is really not my thing right now.
Having thoughts of how stupid I was is what going on inside of me.
If only I can go back to the time when you're still around, I would have prevented you from leaving me with those memories we created.
The least I can do now is wait until the perfect time comes to tell you "I love you"

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