Saturday, October 6, 2012


As i drove away, we both smile in each other's back.
Leaving the curiosity beneath me, wanting to know if I'm the reason for your smile.
Remembering that day we spent together, tickles my stomach.
Those laughs, smiles, jokes hanging in my thoughts.
They seem to like me and not wanting to get out from my mind.
As I keep smiling, water is falling from the sky covering the universe and blinding my eyes to look at you through my mirror.
Something tells me to stop and to wait for you. But my foot won't let go of the pedal so I keep going.

All I can hear is the rain drops on my car's roof. Making noises as I listen to mellow music by myself.
The smell of the ground get through my nose and lungs.
Like what always happens to me, my feeling is messed up, I feel pressure in my chest and ache in my stomach.
I'm smiling for no reason. But I know that you are the reason.
You caused me to have these miserable happy feelings that can't barely stop for a second.
You are the tool to warm me up when the weather is cold.
And you are why I can't stop smiling.

Your smile has some kind of charm that makes people smile.
There is no reason for me not to smile when I see you. Because just by seeing you from the far, lifts my cheeks up.

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