Monday, October 29, 2012

Better with you

Where ever you go I will always there with you.
Rain falls, sky growls, wind blows, but I will not leave you.
Look deep inside and you'll find me.
Breath the soil smell air, let them get to your lungs through your nose so that you feel my presence.

Storm is heading our way.
Thunders and lightnings keep shouting above us.
Moon and stars covered by the darkness disabling me from knowing where you are.
If only I can see the stars, I would know what are you doing at this time.

World seems dead whenever I cannot see your smile.
Although I'm surrounded with God's creature but I'm missing one of his most important creatures. It's you.

Clock ticks. Days changed to night. Cloudy dark sky remains the same.
Nothing can change this situation.
I'm waiting, for the moment I would like to call "meeting you"
People said being alone is better than having accompanies without happiness.
Agreeing on what they said is a mistake because being with you, a person I love, is always better. Peace, happiness and joy never end.

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