Saturday, September 15, 2012


Driving up the street by myself.
Passing through the crowds of the city.
Lights are decorating the sidewalk.
People are walking on the sidewalk with accompanies.
Each one of the street that I have passed, has a story.
A story that was made by a person, who made me getting involved in it.
A story of every girl's dreamed about.
A story that took place mostly in the city during those cold days in the spring time.

I opened my car's window and let the wind filled the entire car, and let it covers me with its cooling sense.
As it is flowing inside and out through the car window, it blew my mind back to the past
That moment when we were walking down the street, having a really fun evening, just chillin' at the movie theater, having dinner, and hanging around in the cold dark spring night.
All those happy moments started to get into my head. Those things are not meant to come to me at this moment, but it is definitely not meant to be erased at all from my mind no matter what's happening.
That invitation. Those walks. Those talking. Those smiles. Those laughs.
They are now echoing inside my mind, telling me to remember every second of it.
While my mind stuck remembering those days, suddenly I got honked by cars behind me telling me to go.
Those honks wake me up from my unconsciousness, telling me not to stop but move forward, not to look back,  and not to stay asleep.
It tells me to wake up, stand up, and walk without looking what's on my back.

Moving forward.
Here I am. Driving through all these streets. Streets that we went to together, side by side, chit chatting, and fooling around,
Here I am, looking at things we saw.
Here I am, crying because thing I've done with you, can't be done again for somehow.
And here I am, wishing to have my life back.
That old life, when you always there with me, joking around.
That old life, which I had never had before
That old life, when it was all about live, laugh, love, and math.
That old life, which my friends were jealous of.

Autumn is just weeks away.
Leaves fall, covering the ground.
Green leaves turned brown, and finally they become one with the earth.
What goes around, comes around. But what have passed, can't be brought over again.
We can redo it, but it's not going to be the same as it was in the first.
Because things that happened first, are always memorable.
Just like you.

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