Monday, September 24, 2012


I can hear nothing but the beats of my heart
There is nothing in front of my eyes except the darkness
The temperature is getting low, but there is no snow nor wind
What place is this? I can't tell where I am.
I am lost with no where else to go but darkness.
"Hello..." I shouted
But no one answers me.
To the east I walked, I found nothing.
Going back to the west, still there is nothing.
What kind of place is this? Am I still asleep?
My mind is messed up.
I sat on the ground mourning.
No tear fall from my eyes.
No sound come out from my mouth.

For a while I sat on the ground, but there still no light, no sound, no one ...
I thought about it over and over again until I found out what's going on.
Lonely it is.
A situation where life seems so quiet, dark and has nothing in it.
Any direction I go to, I ended up in the place where I started.
Voices that come out from my mouth can't be heard by myself.
Stars which decorate the sky are gone.
The moon broken into pieces.
The sun never wakes up anymore.

In the darkness I wait for a miracle.
Nothing seems to happen.
There is no laugh, no smile, no happiness not even love.
How can i love if there is no one to be loved.
How can smile be in my face, if nothing brings joy into my soul.
How will there be any happiness if dark clouds surround my everyday

The rainbow that used to color up in the sky, never appear.
The breeze of the wind never touches my skin
From the sky, falls sadness.
From the ocean, rises anger.
From the heart, comes out regret.
Day doesn't change to night.

"Is this what lonely feels like?" I asked the darkness
It answers in silence.

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