Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another good bye?

Summer is almost over.
Autumn is just a count of days.
But the cold wind can be felt from today. Especially when you have to leave me that day.
Those conversations we had, those laughs are now jingling in my head.
Those places we've been to, are now my favorite places to go to.
Those good byes are the saddest thing you left me with.

A sweet voice that came from your mouth, saying hi to me, that was when I was walking down the street and you were riding a bike.
I can still feel the smoothness of your voice at that time.

A neat smile that was uttered to me, every time we meet, are not erasable from my thought.

Your kindness and caring to me, are still the same, and I still get it from you.

Another thing that I got from you is a good bye.
Although it is momentarily, but I'm afraid it's gonna be forever.

Every hello has a good bye.
And every good bye has a reason.
And it has reasons not to say it.

Now, the weather is getting worse because I felt like I lost you.
I was drown in you eyes, trapped in your heart, locked in your arms.
Right now I feel like I'm not surrounded by you anymore.
You are there. I'm here.
But is it possible that we are attached at the heart?
A hug from you could be great for now.

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