Monday, September 17, 2012

A Love Letter

I dedicate this letter for you.
A person whom always there for me.
A person who is always in my mind, giving butterflies in my stomach.
A person who was my crush and now become a person I love.

I call it sacrifice.
Pursuing a thing that's in front of my eyes, standing by my side, but fr from the heart.
A feeling I shall call love, isn't only a word. But a fact that you have to know anytime soon.
It is love, because I don't know the reason why I fell for you and unable to get rid of you from my mind.
The purity inside my heart can be seen since the first time I got to now you and when I started to fall for you.
Stumbles and falls held me from going after you.
But the bravery of myheart isn't stop just there.
Anytime later, these hands would take yours, these eyes would stare deep into yours, these lips would soon be open to confess my biggest sin, which is loving you.

Love is blind. Love is unexplainable. Love is not because of appearance or even wealthiness.
Love always loving. Love, cares. Love, waits. Love, always there.
... is about sharing happiness to a special person or people to make them smile.
... is about filling empty spaces in their hearts.
... is about coloring their life with eternal colors, that are not erasable.

Before I entered the dark night, I prayed that you would popped up in my dream to make my night sweeter.
I always wondering if I could stay asleep, because my dream is more wonderful than my real life.

This world will get worst if you were not created.
This cold weather will never end, if you are not shinning
This space between us will get wider, if you can't attach your heart to mine.
This empty part will soon be broken apart, if you are here but not for me.

Life is tough. But, not having you near me is tougher than ever.
When we were walking, I tripped and fell, but you continued walking.
There came somebody else, who replaced my position next to you.
I was hoping that you would turn around, handed your hand to me, and continue our journey together.
A lot of things slowed me down from being with you.
But I believe, if you belong with me, we'll find ways to make..
... two hands become one.
... sad become happiness.
... 'you' and 'I' become 'us.

Every word I wrote in this letter, came from the deepest part of my heart.
A sincerity that has never been done, is now my biggest task. Because sincerity helps me to get the key to enter your heart and stay inside there.

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