Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer and Autumn

The sky is covered with darkness. Hot and sunny day suddenly became a rainy day. Thunder and lightning are growling up in the sky.
Summer left, autumn comes with its chilly weather and rainfalls.
Leaves turned red. Some have fallen onto the ground and became one with the ground.

Summer was very hot because you were not there to cool my body down. It was getting even hotter when you left.
Although the breeze was strong, but my feeling about missing you is stronger. The wind couldn't bring me down, but missing you tore me apart.
Distance set us apart. You are miles away from where I am. If only I could blink and then appear right next to you, I would not be this miserable.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months have passed.
Season changed, but this feeling hasn't change even a little bit. It gets stronger and stronger everyday.
When I heard your voice, I wish I could say "Don't go" or "I miss you"
But I have no courage to say that to you. I rather keep it to myself and let you discover it yourself.

Autumn is ahead of us.
Cold weather is in the corner.
Jackets, boots, gloves are coming out. So do mine.
But If you are here with me, I won't need all those things.
Your hugs are my jacket. Your hands are my gloves. Your eyes are my sunshine.
Hug me whenever we're together. Hold my hand, and put it in your jacket's pocket.
Stare into my eyes. Make me blushing.
Give me some warmth through your smile.
Cheer me up with your jokes and laughter.
Do not ever leave me, unless God tells you so.

Autumn will be like summer if only you're here and be my sunshine.

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