Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birds and Love

The ocean is blue.
No high wave.
No wind.
It's a calm time in the morning.
As the sun shines, people started to go out from their room and headed to the beach, enjoying the heat by the sun.
The ocean's water sparkles.
Corals, fishes, even sand can be seen without goggles.

As the water floating, there came 2 birds.
One is in front of the other. They looked like chasing each other.
If people can speak bird's language, we could tell that those birds are laughing happily.
They are a male and a female bird.
They flew around the ocean. Back and forth. Ups and downs.

While they were having fun, another female bird came. She flew toward those 2 birds.
The female bird saw her. She flew a lot faster and she told the male bird that there was another bird was coming toward them.
Those 2 birds flew side by side, trying to escape from the other bird.
The bird that was about to join the flight. So she stepped her speed up so she could get closer to them.
Well, luck is not in their side just yet. She reached them. Now the three of them flew side by side.
The female bird that just came, was flirting to the male bird.
Of course the other female bird getting mad. So she slowed down and let both of them enjoy the ride.
She lost her energy, she fell, and landed on the ground.
He hasn't notice that she fell. After both of them flew a little bit far from her, he looked back and surprised by seeing her laid down on the ground with her eyes shut.
He shouted and flew as fast as he could towards her.
The flirting female bird was confuse of what was happening. But she followed him.

The male bird reached where she laid. He tried to wake him up.
The flirting female bird was there as well. She told him to forget about her and go fly with her.
But he said no. He kept trying to wake her up.
Minutes had passed. He lost his hope, until she woke up coughing.
He apologized to her and said that he would never leave her or keep his eyes away from her.
He helped her to stand up and to fly. They looked so cute together. Because, people who passed by, were pointing at them and took pictures of them.

While thy were being romantic, the flirting bird was pissed off. She was upset because she couldn't get his attention.
She flew away. They flew away too, but to the other direction. Which was a future of both of them, happily ever after b

Sometimes while we were having fun with a person we love, there always be another person who came along to ruin our happiness. that's because either he/she want to take our happiness away, or jealousy, or even doesn't want us to be happy with that person.
Well that life and that is love.
It's like a battle field, where we have to fight to get what we deserve.

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