Sunday, June 10, 2012

Settle down

Finally I'm settling down here in New York. Why? Because I have new friends in here and they are all like my new little family.
I first met them in the Indonesian church. I though I would just knew them without knowing them a little deeper. But then, they asked me to join their youth community. After that, we became friends. Good friends.
They are all older than me, waayy older. But they understand me, who's still under age. And they care about me, just like my friends in Indonesia.
They helped me with my homework, they told me about the college courses, they invited me to their parties, and they always got me involved whenever they went out to the movies, or just having a dinner.
Since I hang out with them, I finally LAUGH! My laugh box is now filled up. And that made me happier than ever before. This caused me not wanting to go back to Indonesia even just for vacationing.
I would admit this: I am settled down, cause I have friends that I can talk to, or I can hang out with, and whom I can share my stories with.
Although I have them in here, I will not forget my friends in Indonesia.
Once a friend, always be friends.

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