Monday, June 25, 2012

Don't do it if you don't want to

This is what I learned from the first day of summer class : don't do things you don't want.
Why? Because it all would gone wrong and you'll not be able to enjoy every second of it. Especially when we talk about school. School is fun the more often you take classes, the faster you graduate and continue your next education level.
But, if you do it cause someone said so, you will not feel comfortable on doing it no matter what.
Not to poison your mind, but just don't do it. It is better to do what you like/want first, than do the rest after.
If you want to have some vacation before start another session of school, do it. Don't give up your vacation plan for school if you don't feel like studying.

It happened to me just today. It might because I was sleepless, but it can also because my trip was cancelled. I couldn't concentrate in class and I learned nothing from that class today. Buy I might learn something from that class another day in this summer session.

Having a positive thought is the only way you have left, when you are in this kind of condition. Tell yourself that you can do it, and you're gonna be okay with what you are doing. Don't tell yourself that you can't. Because it would affect your daily performance in the school. You would hardly concentrate and lost your will to go to school each and everyday.

Canceling vacation trip is suck. But failing in class because you don't want to be in that class is a lot worse than any other thing.
You have to spend another hundred bucks to redo the same class and you wasted your time on doing the same thing when other people are doing things ahead from you.
Just go with what's in front of you now, or simply just don't do it since the beginning.
Yes, regret comes late often.

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