Friday, June 15, 2012


Well, this is awkward for some how. One same thing just happened in my life here.
I met a guy, I fell in love with him, I spent almost 2 months hanging out with him, and now my feeling is kinda strong for him, aaanndddd now he has to leave New York. How sad is that?
I have been in this situation. But I was the one who left that person, and now I'm being left by another person. I feel like karma is beside me and it's hugging me right now.
Although we're still in the same country, but the main point is the same with my previous case. We got separated by distance. Even it's only 4.5 hours, but still...
I always wonder why God let this happened to me for the second time.
The first time I experienced this, I was crumbling and was so weak. I tried to wait, but the one who's over there gave up. I became even weaker after that.
Now this second one, I became worst than ever. One side, I hate that I'm about to be left, and the other side, I'm confuse of why this could happen AGAIN?
The point of this post is explicit among those incorrect grammar structure.
Sometimes posting my feeling in my blog is not recommended. But since I don't know to who should I talk to, so I decided to blow some steam in here.
Another good bye has to be said either Friday night or Saturday morning. And then, another hello will be said approximately 2 months from the day I posted this thing.
There is always a good bye after hello. But there is no forever good bye after a memorable hello.

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