Sunday, May 20, 2012

"What can I do without him?"

This is a story that my priest told us in his preach.

On 90s, there were a married couple. The man was 93 years old. The woman was 90 year old.
The man was diagnosed with stomach cancer, so he basically could do nothing. His wife had to take car of him everything every day.
She cooked, she went grocery shopping, she bathed him, and she cleaned the house.
Their children came from Florida to New York to visit their parents. Their children agreed to put their dad to a nursing because they thought that their mother could not take care of him anymore
So they came to my priest and asked if he could accompany them to say it to their mother.
They all went to their mom's house. One of the two child said to their mother about all of that.
And do you know what happen next? Their mom told them to go out from her house and she said, "I have been marry him for 60 (something) years. And I will take care of him until the end."
Then they went out.
A couple months or years later, their dad passed away. From outside the funeral house, the priest could hear somebody was screaming and crying. And the sound was aggravating. When they went inside, they found out that it was her, their mother, who cried that loud.
The priest talked to her and calmed her down. But she said, "What can I do without him?"
She cried and cried.
On Tuesday 1996 (around that)they buried his body. She was crying. She kept repeating, "What can I do without him?"
She was so heartbroken. 2 days after the funeral day, she died.
She was found dead in her sleep.
Now that is love. No matter what happen to our partner, we have to be there with him/her until the end of our life.

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