Wednesday, May 23, 2012

That high school moments

I just finished watching 2 episodes of glee, which are props and national. And it was so emotional.
It forced me to call my high school memories, which one of them is friendship.
A friendship that I can never get in this new place.
A friendship that is hardly to be erased from my or our heads. 
Friends, who were always there to cheer me up and made jokes out of anything (friends, teachers, or even stuffs)
Friends, who never judge you by your appearance or your intelligence.
Friends, who always there to help you with your homework, even your exams.
Friends, who were there when you messed everything up, and mostly they were the caused.
Before I graduated from high school, me and my friends always have a though about what college life is gonna be like. Since we love to watch movies, we thought that college life is going to be like that, where you can skip school, chase guys/girls, graduate, get a job, make fortunes, married, and live happily ever after.
But yeah, like Adam Levine said, "If happily ever after did exist. All those fairy tales are full of shit."
Yep. Agree!!
There is no such thing as happily ever after, and there is also no such thing as college-life-is-easy.
I always have a thought, "How boring life would be without them?"
And you know what? IT IS BORING!!!! NO FUN!
I mean seriously. I can't find any happiness like I used to have when I was in high school.
I don't have any close friends in any classes. We are friends in class, that's it.
But I do have some friends from church, who helped me with math and the other one always there with me during recess.
I am so glad that I met them But still, we are not in the same class every day.

Ahhh, I do miss my high school, my high school friends, and all those memories.
But I can't do anything to bring it back, cause it has passed, and I am not doraemon who has a door to anywhere.

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