Wednesday, May 9, 2012

That feeling

The feeling when you miss someone terribly is worst than got a D on a test.
It hurts so bad because you are unable to do anything about it.
You wanted to say it, but you can't because you afraid that he would give some space between you guys.
You wanted to meet him, but distance is the problem.
You wanted to call him, but he might not pick it up.
You wanted to tweet it, but he might not notice about.
You want to express it, but you don't know why,
When you miss someone so bad, and you want to show it him, your efforts seem so impossible to be noticed. Either he doesn't want to know about it, or that's your destiny.
But for sure, when you miss someone so bad, it's like some part of you are missing. And what you can do are staring at his photo, cry, showering.
It's sad but yet it's funny.
Why? Because you miss someone that might not miss you as much as you do.
You miss someone who is not yours anymore.
You miss someone who is far away.
Move on dude! Yes move on. But it is so freaking damn hard.
Moving on is the enemy of missing. They can never get along.
How can you move on when you still in love with that person?

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