Saturday, May 12, 2012

Stop comparing

I know other kids are smarter than me, more diligent than me, more beautiful than me, etc. I know they got scholarships, got into honor program, and be a school president.
But why? Why do you parents keep comparing us?
Don't you know it hurts so bad?
We know you did that because you guy wanted us to be more than them or improve our skills. We know that! But comparing is not the best way to tell us to improve ourselves.
When you compared us, we usually lost our neat to improve.
Being compared only makes us feel down and sad.
Some kids might take that as a base to improve, but the rest take it as a force.
The best way to make us improve our skills is by giving us support, not by telling those kids are better than us.
This is a sound from one of those children who are likely to be compared.
We are so sick of being compared.
We knew you parents want us to achieve our dreams and get a good job so that we can take care of you during your old days.  That is why we only asked for your support and not your comments about any other kids in this world.
When you guys compared us to another kids, we can also compared you to another parents. But we can never be able to do that because you guys are the best parents that fit for us in this whole wide universe.
No matter what you guys have done to us, we will always love you.
But please please please stop comparing. 

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