Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Prom, a magical word that makes anyone who heard it excited.
What is so special about this word?
When there will be an event called prom, all the girls would be so excited, and the guys would felt challenged.
Girls would buy new dress, shoes, and redo their hair. While the guys would find a girl to be their date to the prom.
Yes, prom is every girl's dream. 
Most girls wanted to go to the prom with a person they like or love. They wanted to dance along with him. They wanted to brag to her friends. They wanted to spend a special night with a special person although it'll only lasts for a couple of hours.
Every second a girl spent with a guy at the prom, extend her happy mood.
Even she would be with him only for 5 or more hours, but the happiness inside her would last for years.
Every girl deserved to go to a prom with a special guy.
Days, even weeks before prom, there must be a girl who prayed days and nights so she would go to the prom with that guy. And when it happened, she would kneel in her room and praise the lord. She couldn't even stop smiling for the rest of the month.
Prom doesn't always make 2 people become one. But it does make 2 people become closer and know each other a little bit deeper.
Prom could make a girl dated that guy for real.
We don't really have to go to a prom with a date. We can go there with our best friends or friends. But it would be more delightful to have someone holding your arms when you walked into the ballroom.
Prom, a dream of every teenage girls.

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