Thursday, May 17, 2012

Parents' value

Parents are the most important people in every kid's life. 
I, as a kid, can never live without my parents. Although we got separated by the distance, but I still love them.
Every kid wants to have a complete father and mother when they grew up, got married, have kids, etc.
Those are the things that parents want to do too. Some of them can see us until we got kids, while some of them have to pass away when we haven't graduate from school, or worst when we were still kids.
Parents, they are obviously older than us, they are weaker than us in every way and genre. 
They were there when we were born. They were the first one who watched our first step. They listened to our first word that came out from our mouth. They watched us growing up. It doesn't happen to every kids. Some kids were stranded by their parents for some reasons.
But no matter you are with or without your parents on your way growing up, they always love you. No matter where they are, once or twice you were in their minds.
The hardest part to handle is when you want something expensive, and your parents let you buy that, but when you see their face, you could tell that they wanted to say no, but they didn't want to disappoint you at the same time.
They would give everything you want to make you happy.
So, you better do the same thing toward them.

As a grown up kid, I knew how hard it is to be a parent by seeing my own parents raising me until I'm this big. They worked very hard so that I have clothes to wear, foods to eat, money for school, and home to stay. But the best thing, they dedicated their life for me.
But hey, not only my parents, yours are too. You may not realize it yet.
Teenagers usually acted beyond they suppose to do. They rarely obey their parents. They hardly respect their parents.
I always have a thought in my mind.
"What would I be without my parents?"
I don't know about what you're gonna say. But me, I would hardly live without them.
As my parents turned older and older every single day, I kept thinking how would I live without them? I also have dedicated my life for them. Because of them, I go to school, I study, I do my best in everything, so that I will be a successful doctor who can support their life cost when they retired.
How if they are not here anymore? All of these are gonna be useless. 
What I'm doing now is a part of my dream too. But when my dream come true, it will not be complete without my parents there watching me with graduation gown and my doctorate degree.
Plus now that I am still a teenager, I still have that desire to travel from this country to another, or to buy this and that, or just to spend money, which is THEIR money not mine.
Sometimes when I want to buy an expensive thing, I have to think twice. And after I thought about it twice, three times, or even four times, I canceled my plan. It's advantaging for them, but it hurts for me.
As a kid we have to understand our family's economy condition. None of us wants to just sit at home and do nothing, or wearing the same clothes everyday. No. We all want to spend our money. But when we are run out of money, how can we eat? For us, teenagers, we still relying to our parents, so when we are run out of money, we just wait for our parents' salary. Isn't that right? Wasn't it happen to you?
As a young adult, who sooner or later are going to get married, we have to be able to think straight and to think about our friend, karma. If we now, as a kid, have spent money more than what we suppose to do, imagine what our children gonna be like.

Alright, conclusion:
Love your parents. Because you don't know how long they are gonna be here with us. If they yelled, pretend that it was just wind. When they pretend not care about you, talk to them. When they are lonely, accompany them like what they did. When they need help, BE THERE! When they cry, cheer them up. When they are sick, be the first one who take care of them. When they have empty stare, be the one who ask if they are fine or not.
Put your problems on your shoulder, not on them. If your parents have problems, take it and put it on your shoulder. Because they are too old to handle their problems. It is now our turn to feel the pain that they have been through all your growth.

Special thanks for my parents who have been there for me. Although we were separated by distance for 6 years with dad, and now 8 months with my mom, I will always love you no matter what happen.
Kiss and hug from the deepest place in my heart.

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