Sunday, May 6, 2012

I want to dance with you

I remember the first and last time we dance together.
It was at farewell party.
I thought I won't come with anyone special.
But then you came, and asked me.
Dresses were tried by me.
I was looking for nice shoes every where.
But in the end, I came to the party with white dress and gold shoes.
It was a really simple outfit.
But you made it special because you were on my side all the time.
During the event, we were talking about things that was so not important.
Well, that is love. We talked about unimportant things.
We walked to the front of the stage.
My hands were holding my phone.
My arms were free.
Unexpectedly, you circled your left arm onto your waist and asked me to put my right arm in it.
The time for dance floor was there. All couples were called to the dance floor. I was too chicken to do that. But the MC called our name, and with the courage I had left, I said to you "Come on."
I am not a good dancer. I can't even dance. 
And that was embarrassing, but fun. 
I didn't care what people might think about my moves. All I had in my mind was, there I was standing in front of a guy that I love, with my hands on his hands, my eyes stared into his, and my heart welcomed him to come and stay.
You didn't know how nervous I was and how shaky my hands were.
That was the best night I have ever had for my entire life.
And now, today, in this country, in this city, you are not around.
Not just around in person, also you are not around in my heart. You left.
The day when you were in another farewell party and I wasn't there, I hope you miss the time when you danced with me.
I want to start everthing all over again. Dance with you. Fall for you. Be with you.

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