Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Comparing myself

I am not the only one who like to compare myself to another person or people. It happens to everyone without exception.
When we have a friend who is better than us financially and educationally, we tended to compare ourselves to them and said that we are not as good as they are.
Sometimes we have what they have, but we never satisfied with what we have.
Comparing ourselves to other is important, but do not go too far from it.
Just by comparing yourself, you have lost 0.1% confidence in yourself. And if it keeps going on and on, you would lose your confidence at all.
Some people compared themselves so that they can improve their skills, while the other compared themselves because they can't accept who they are.
As a mature person, we have to be able to absorb the good side of comparing ourselves.
Sometimes, comparing ourselves to other can make us stand up and be a better person. But most of the time, it brings us down, down to the bottom of the earth.
The first impression if we saw a person would always about how beautiful/handsome their look, what they gadgets, and what their cars. For us, who don't have things like theirs, will spontaneously became jealous and small.
For some other people. they would use what they saw as their challenge. They would challenge themselves to be like that person, or even way better to that person.

Comparing is necessary, so that we would at least change to be better a little bit. But don't let yourself down when you see a better person in front of you. Make them the reason why you want to improve yourself.
And no matter how hard you try to be like them, you will never be like them. Because you were created as who you are now. Vice versa.
Use your talents, abilities, and everything you have inside of you, to be way better than that person, not be exactly like them.
When we talk about comparing, we talk about challenge.

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