Sunday, April 22, 2012

You are my everything

How can I see the world if you're gone? 
How can I walk when you are not here?
How can I breathe if you were never exist?
How can I talk when you are my words?
How can I hear things if you're not the one who talk?
How can I see the path when you're not shining
How can I know where to go if you're not with me?

You are my eyes, who guide me to see this world.
Without you, I can see no star, no sunlight, no love, and you.
You are my feet when I fell.
Without you, I wouldn't meet you from the first place.
You are my oxygen when this earth is full of pollution.
You are exist for me.
Without you, there is no me. Because I was created from your ribs.
You are the words that I bundled to make a song for us.
Without you, songs will never be made. 
You are the voice that I can hear clearly no matter how far you are.
Without you, the world is empty because there is no such lovely voice as yours.
You are the light that shines every single day of my life.
Without you, I would stumble and fall for not able to see where I should go.
You are the map of my life.
Without you, I don't know which way should I take next.

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