Friday, April 6, 2012

With you

Being with you is something that every girl dreamed about.
Being with you makes my life more beautiful.
Being with you is a miracle.

The first time I saw you, you opened my eyes.
The second time I knew your name, you opened my heart.
The third time I knew you a lot deeper, you colored my life.
The fourth time I knew u love me, you opened a new chapter in my life.

That moment when you hugged me, warmed me up.
That moment when you kissed my cheeks, I was thrilled.
That moment when you said you love me, I said I love you back.

When the time came, everything changed.
Where are those hugs? Those kisses? Those spirit? Those love?
They were all gone.
Gone in the deepest part of the ocean.
I suddenly felt lost.
Lost because no one was beside me.
Lost because there is nothing for me to hold on.
All the sudden, the world stopped from moving. The sun stopped shining. The moon and the stars hide their eternal light.
I could barely do nothing.
I was empty.

Those thrilling exciting special moments turned out to be a night mare that never been revealed. And now they all haunted me, day and night.

After they happened, the first thing I knew was you were gone.
I looked at the chapter that you opened, and it was already closed.
The last thing I knew was that you never say good bye.
You just left without giving me a warning.
That moment when you left, I could say nothing but cried.

Being with you has been the greatest thing that happened in my life.
Being with you is a miracle. But being with you until death separates us is impossible.

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