Sunday, April 22, 2012

Will I survive?

This college things kinda get right into me.
College is fun when you have your best friends with you. But it's no fun if you go to college in a new place with new people.
It is fun to be in a new place. But with their attitude which always fucked me up, I hardly say it's fun.
Some of them are friendly enough, but most of them are just so arrogant.
They tend to come to us when they needed us. And after that they would just dump us like a piece o garbage. Was that all about?
They don't know what does it feel like to be treated that way. Well, maybe because they have never being treated that way.
Bitches are all over the place. They might have the look, but do they have the brain? Not sure about that.
Every time I'm struggling with my assignment, I don't know to whom should I discuss it. 
People in here are independent. I like that. But if they said that they are independent, why do they always come to me when they were struggling? And when I asked them to help me, they always say that they couldn't or they didn't know what I was talking about. That is so not fair.
Life is getting tougher and tougher each day since the first day of school. I was so excited about going to college. I though I will make a lot of new friends, when the fact is that I couldn't even fit in to this place.
Their culture is way different than mine. I am a person who like to help people and I always get helped from people. I like it when we, as classmates, discuss homework problems. I like it when people in school not just friends in school, but also friends who I can hang out with.
But that's just my imagination. The truth is way beyond what I expected.
And it is even harder when we are "alone" with no support from people around us.
A friend of mine felt the same thing as me. Our question is "Will we survive in this place?"
Yes we will. One step at a time, and we will be able to fit in, survive, and shine among the rest.

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