Friday, April 27, 2012

What would you say about this?

What's the first thing you have in your mind when you see this??
Feel sorry? Or you just ignore it??
When I first saw this picture and read the statement, I felt like my heart was being punched.
Didn't you feel the same?
What I saw these days just like what it says. We cried because we don't have iPhone or something else that is so "IN" right now. While other people are crying because they don't have food.

As I see teenagers these days, they always asked their parents to buy them expensive things, like iPhone.
Parents would always say yes, and did anything to get it for you. They wouldn't be able to say no to you because you are their child.
They would work a lot harder or even try to get another job so they could earn money more and buy you that iPhone. They wouldn't tell you what they have been through to get you that gadget.
After they collected enough money, they would buy it secretly and put it on your bed as a surprise.
You were so excited, you thanked them, than you used the phone, it broke, you repaired it, you broke it again, it couldn't be repaired, and you asked for the new one again. That's a cycle that usually happens. And parents would do the same thing as they did.
Sometimes we don't care how hard and how many sacrifices our parents have been through to feed us, to cloth us, to educate us, and to raise us.
We can only ask, ask, ask.
When we were a kid, the only thing in their mind were how to make your family stay alive, put you into school, and wait until you earn your master degree. But as you grew up, you knew things, you met new people, and you started to misunderstand what this life was about.
We thought that we have to own this thing, that thing in order to fit in with the place where you are standing right now.
We rarely look around us, look those people who have a lot less than us.
We rarely share what we have, or give a dollar to a homeless.
We only care about ourselves, and our reputation.
For now and for some of us, our parents are still here with us. We could still ask them for money.
But how if the next day they're gone? To whom should you ask for money if you have no job yet?
Thennnnn, you would blame yourself for not saving the money.

Try to take a look at this man. A poor old man with breads on his hands, wiping his cheek from tears, and we can see a house that is broken down. I don't know if that is his house or not.
But all I could tell is that he is suffering to feed his family. He has no food, no house. He only has tears and 3 breads left on his hands.
Compare to yourself now. Who do you think is poorer? You or him?
We would know the answer just by looking at the picture.
When was the last time you wiped your tears for not having food to eat?
When was the last time you have no house for shelter?
It never happened to us, but not to this man.
Do you know how sad it is when you have no money to buy food, no place to sleep?
You now have everything this man could ever wanted. You have a lot of foods in your refrigerator, a big comfy house, and money.

This man is crying because he doesn't have food for his family.
You cried because you don't have iPhone.
This is an obvious difference.
Why should you buy iPhone when you still have phone that is able to talk, text, and web searching?
Why don't you donate some of the money to those homeless??
You don't have to answer it. Because I know that it is so hard for you to give some of what you have to the poor. You rather trade your money in Apple store.
Look at around you. There are a lot of poor people who wanted to be like you.
They would say you are so lucky.
But you, you would say you are lucky when iPhone is in your hand. Other than that, you would say you are normal.
Some of us are spoiled brats who got what we wanted and showed to people what we have.
While the rest are richer than us but they are down to earth. They never brag, and they helped poor people.
The point is, do not ever cry because you don't have a certain gadget or stuffs. But cry hard when you have nothing left in your life except 3 breads.
And try to put yourself in his situation. What would you feel??

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