Saturday, April 21, 2012

Uncontroled appetite

Appetite is controlled with our brain.
We usually feel hungry after we woke up, over study, or after we exercised.
Some of us can control how much portion should we eat to get full. But some are not.
There are many factors that make you eat more than you suppose to.
Sleepless can make someone eat 300 more calories than usual. We have to sleep 7 to 8 hours per day in order to make our brain working properly. Having a good night sleep with an exact amount of time, helps you to have an ideal body, and you will have a happy and energetic day.
Stress. Having too much things going on in your head is not good. About l 30 percent people I knew, lost their appetite when they were stress. The remain 70 percent gained their appetite.
When people are stress, they eat everything they see without counting the calories in it. They eat to calm themselves down. Although it works, but it's bad for your body. Eating is not the best way to reduce stress. Try hanging out with friends, talk with somebody about your problems, go to the beach, or even shopping. Those are the alternatives.
Also, even when you are stressed out, and you wanted to eat, control yourself to eat healthy food, such as salads or fruits. Put away the junk foods from your refrigerator or any place in your home or room.

Sweet. Almost everyone love sweets or sweet flavor. Why not? Eating or drinking something sweet is so yummy. When you eat or drink sweet thing, your appetite intend to increase. Like when you eat a candy, you will not just eat one, you will eat another one and another one, and then you realized that you have just ate a box of candy.
Consuming sweet foods is good, because our body also need sugar to give us energy. But it doesn't mean that we can consume sugar beyond what we have to. We have to manage how much sugar should we consume each day. Brown sugar can be a replacement for the regular sugar.

Sick. Being sick make yourself weak and unable to do anything. That's because the viruses inside your body is a lot stronger than you are. Why? Because you didn't eat properly when you were healthy. So, when you got sick, doctor would tell you to eat more and more in order to help you gain your strength and for your body to fight against the viruses. 
If you got hospitalized, you will be infused. The liquid in the infuse increased your appetite. Therefore, you will eat more.

Starving. People who are in bad diet program, usually eat once a day or they ate breakfast and lunch only, and they left themselves starving from evening until the next morning. This is a very bad eating habit. Because by letting yourself starving for more than 12 hours, increased your appetite in the next day. The next day when you woke up, you would find something to eat. At first you took a bite then added another bite, and added another bite. After you finished the first meal, it is possible for you to take another meal to eat because you did not feel full yet.
It is better for us to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But we have to eat properly. Not less and not too much.

When I made this post, I thought that it's funny how the causes I wrote started with S.
There are 5S caused uncontrolled appetite then ;)
But behind those 5 negative S, we always and also need 1 positive S and that is SUPPORT.
Support from family, friends, and people around you do make you feel good and want to be healthy.
It is better for you, who read this, to really take care of your eating habit.
There are advantages if you change your bad eating habit from today.
You will be healthier and you will have an ideal body.
Eating healthy and well organized are hard. But you have to think about the advantages of it. Not only for today, but for your future.
Eat healthy!!

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