Monday, April 9, 2012

Talk about home

I just can never stop talking about how comfy home is.
Home doesn't always mean house. Home can also means the place where you grew up or the place where your families and friends are.
How happy you would be if you can stay in that place for the rest of your life? It is an unexplainable feeling. But, whether you want it or not, soon you have to move from that place to chase your future or to get a better education or just to have something new.
Moving to a new place with new people, new environments, new situation and condition, and different time zones are hard dude. It is very hard. Although it is something that you want, but it would turned out to be something that you hate. It doesn't happen to everyone though.
In a new place, you have to be able to fit in with everything in there.
Making adjustments take a pretty long time. We don't have magic wand which can BOOM! we can fit it in that place. NO! It is real life, we have no such thing as magic wand. All we have is what we bring every where every day. It is our manner. If we have a bad manner, we would be struggling to fit in. 
Talk about home, once or twice or even more, we would say "I miss my home so damn much"
Well yeah of course, who wouldn't?
Home is like the best place ever. Especially if our home has tons of cheap foods and stuffs. Even though we are rich, we would think twice on spending that much money on foods and stuffs.
Home, no matter what does it look like, no matter where it is located, it's still HOME!
Home is always be a sweet home.
When you are away from home, you would craving to go home. Thousand dollar ticket would be bought by you, just to go home.
It is true that no place is better than.
I love you my home. :")

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