Friday, April 27, 2012

Our good bye

Wind blew my hair, as we headed to the front of the departure gate.
People passed us by.
Some were arriving, while the rest were leaving.
And there we were, standing in front of the departure gate.
Waiting for the right time for me to enter it.
There was no word that I could utter.
There was no will to say good bye.
There was no courage to start living without you.
All the sudden, 
I could hear nothing but your voice,
I could see nothing but your face,
I could feel nothing but your warm hug.
The clock was ticking.
It was the time that I had to go.
I reached up to you for a hug.
A short warm hug, which will hardly be forgotten.
You looked into my eyes without saying a word.
Your eyes were trying to influence my mind for not going inside.
The sky was getting darker
The wind was getting stronger
My soul was getting weaker,
weaken by your smile.
A smile that always melts my heart, freezes my words, reminds me of how loveable we were.
Words were not the right tool to express my feeling.
It was getting worst by the fact that I actually had to leave.
Staying was the key, but that was not an option.
Leaving was the destiny, that could not be changed by any of us.
Promise that I will never forget you had been made.
That was my last task.

I walked step by step entering the gate,
Releasing your hands, 
Disabling my ears from hearing my ears,
Keeping my sight away from you,
Leaving you,
The rain was falling from the sky, right after I turned away my face.
From the distance, I could still see you were waving at me
I could see you say good bye.
As you gone from my sight, I cried very hard.
I lost my voice.
And I just remember that I forgot one thing.
I forgot to stare right into your eyes and tell you how much I love you.
But when you hugged me, I did whisper one thing.
It was, "I don't want to lose you."

This is not the end.
But it is enough to make me broken hearted.

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