Monday, April 16, 2012

Miley Cyrus inspired me

I was in my 9th grade when the series of Hannah Montana was on Disney Channel. I started to watch that every day and I never missed a single episode.
I love her songs, her looks, and everything about her.
That day, I was a really really fat girl. But then after I watched her "Hannah Montana" the series everyday, I wanted to be like her. A skinny beautiful white skin kinda girl.
So, I started to go to the gym. I worked out very very hard. I controlled my eating habit.
And, VOILA!! In just 2-3 months, I lost 10kgs. I was 78 kgs then I was 68.
3 months later I lost more than 10 kgs.
In just 6 months, I lost a total of 24 kgs.
It was all because of her. I watched her every day and I kinda got jealous of her. 
She is so beautiful, skinny, and talented. Her songs are inspiring. Some of her songs were just like my situation that day.
I used to be a boy-ish kind of girl. But since I knew her, I became more feminine.
I used to wear jeans and t-shirt everywhere I went. But now I chose short pants, skirt, and dress as my outfit. I even took care of myself. I cut my hair, I cleaned my face, and things like that.
She truly is my inspiration.
And until today, I'm still a big fan of her.
I may not put her photos on my wall. I may not know everything about her. All I know is that she inspired me to change my life.
Although, I listened to her songs, I watched her video clips, I bought her Hannah Montana the movie and the last song. I collected her original hannah montana album and hannah montana meets miley cyrus album. And now I'm trying to get the third one.
Every time I saw her on television, I would not change the channel. 
I really really want to meet her in person. But we live so far away. And I heard that she's going to move to Australia. I don't if that's true or not.
I am so glad that her boyfriend is Liam Hemsworth. He is sooooo handsome and he got the abs. Who doesn't want to be his girlfriend? Miley is so lucky to have him. Marry him, Miley! ;)
I don't care if people teased her in her third album. I don't care what she wears now. I don't care if she posed naked on her photo shoot.
All I care is that she helped me to be a new person and helped to be able to fit in in this teenage world.
Thank you Miley/Hannah!


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