Saturday, April 21, 2012

Love will find its way

Love comes and goes.
When it comes, you are the most happiest person in this whole wide world.
Everything suddenly became pink and heart shaped.
Everything made you happy.
Everything gave you a smile.
Every move you made, you were smiling.
It was your best day when it comes to love.

When it left, you are the most unlucky person in this earth.
Your blue sky turned grey.
Your halo circle gone.
Your angle heart changed into devil heart.
Clouds covered every step you made.
Sadness embrace within your soul.
That was the most painful feeling you have ever feel.

Well, we can't hold love for too long unless it belongs to us.
If it is not belong to us, we have to set it free.
Once you set it free, you have to get yourself to find a new one.
When you couldn't let go of the old one, hang in there. Because if you have tried to let it go but it never go away from you, it might belongs to you. It needs time to go back to be yours again.
Just like all kids' grandma said, "If you love a person so badly, but they walked away from you, just give 'em some time. If they are truly meant for you, they will find ways to get back to you."
Or what teenagers these days said, "Love will find its way man. Don't worry about it."
Yeah, love will find its way to get back to your arms. Just be patient and hang in there, on in the tree. 
But if it never comes back, whether you want it or not, just let it go. Maybe your destiny is still out there and you haven't meet them yet. But soon, you will.
God has planned marvelous things for us. All we have to do is be patient. 
God is not fast, but He never late.

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