Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just be yourself

For the past 3 weeks, my friend told me that she fell in love with a boy, her friend, but they have nothing in common.
This guy came from the same place as her, but now he lives in Australia to study. She said that he is a rich kid. His parents own hotel and resort or something. Basically this guy is super rich and super smart.
Although the world is on his hands, but he is modest, he doesn't drink neither smoke, he is smart, he speaks English well, and he do anything by himself.
Those are the things that made my fellow lost her spirit to get this guy.
She admitted to me that she is not smart enough, she can't speak English, she is not as rich as him. She kept comparing herself with him.
She afraid if he doesn't want her to be his girlfriend because she's dumb.
Well, I would say that if this guy really loves her, he would be her boyfriend no matter she's dumb, not rich, and not on the same degree as her.
She added, his parents' have international relations. They connected with people outside Indonesia for their business. She scared she couldn't answer what his mom said if she got invited to his house. And also, she afraid that she wouldn't be able to fit in around his family.
I told her to start learn English. It's hard but if she has the will, nothing is hard. 
This is an example of my friend's love life (lika liku cinta temen gue)
And this might happen to some of you guys, who felt that our partner has more than we do.
When we started thinking that way, we preferred to  just stay away from them and forget that we ever love them.
Maybe he is rich, and we are not. He is smart and we are average. He has a car, we have nothing.
Those are things that could drop our spirit.
Just remember that e-ve-ry one has their own weakness, has their own deficiency.
Not everyone is rich. Not everyone is smart. Not everyone has their own car, especially when they are still teenagers and they lived with their parents.
Do not let those things bring us down. But make them as your challenge to be a better person.
Do not let your weaknesses get over you, but you have to be over them.
Especially when it comes to love, you have to do everything to get the person you love.
If he is smarter than you, then study a lot harder, don't cheat!
If he speaks English more fluent than you, sign up for English course, practice everyday.
If he is richer than you, remember he still lives with his parents, so he is not the one that rich. Beside, even though you are not rich today, but as soon as you finish college, get a job, and get a good salary, you will be rich as well.
Don't think too much about what you don't have today. You are still young, still have a long way to go, and you still have the chance to be more than you are now.
Once you given up, it's hard to get that spirit again.
And always have positive thoughts. Though you know you can't, say that you CAN. Because it motivates your mind indirectly. And if you keep that positive thinking, you might get what you want.

When we talked about love, we talked about sacrifices also.
If you have changed to a better person, smarter, more intelligent, more mature, but you didn't get that person, at least you changed to a better person.
Those improvements might give you another better person for you to spend together for the rest of your life.

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