Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Him or him ??

This is my friend story also. She just broke up with her boyfriend not so long ago. They were fine. They talked, text, and I think still hanging out for a couple of times. Let's call this first guy is A.
Hmm.. She is now in the process of chasing the guy she likes. But they live in different country. But they talk everyday. And let's call this second guy is B.
The thing is she got jealous when A is texting with another girl. Wait! Doesn't it weird? She doesn't have the right to be jealous with him anymore right? She is not his girlfriend anymore, she is now just his friend. Why does she have to be jealous? And this jealous thing made her make quotes that are so harsh and pointed to A indirectly.
This story gets more interesting when she said that she wants to be with B, but she always jealous with A. It is like being jealous without any specific reasons. And when B didn't text her, she would spontaneously miss A.
I said, "WHAATT??"
This is a complicated situation between three hearts. It is hard enough to deal with 2 hearts, and now 3? Ayayay..
She confused whether she loves A or B. 
She wants to be with B, but she said that she doesn't deserve B.
She wondered if she still have that feeling to A
What do you think about this? Confusing right? (the problem or my sentences?lol)

I warned her, not to "use" a person, especially if that person loves you so very much.
I told her that she does not have any right to be jealous with A. Although A said that he is willing to wait for her, it doesn't mean he couldn't text other girls. She also cannot insult him in any way, with words or acts. Because B used to be in her heart right? So why after they broke up, they have hate each other. That is not love man.
Love is even you broke up, but you always have a nice relationship with your ex.
Although it might be weird, but it is the best for both side.
I suggested her to think more and more deeply about who she truly loves. Not because he is rich, smart, or anything, but think about who can make her happy with their marriage in the future, who is going to spend their whole life with her until death that separate both of them.
Money, it does come and go, but if you are able to manage it correctly, it will double up every second.
But love, once you picked the bad one and let go of the best one, it's hard to get it back. It's like giving away gold and taking a rock. It is nothing.
Him or him? Choose one that best fit with your personality and can deal with your good and bad habits.

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