Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hanamizuki (movie)

This is a really good movie. It is a Japanese movie. And it is about a girl and a boy who had to have a long distance relationship but then they broke up. But somehow, they got back together again.
It started in Hokkaido when Sae (girl) was in a train to go to her school. But the train crashed a deer, so all the passengers have to move out from the train. She was about to have an exam. She was confused but there was a boy (Kohei) who liked her and decided to help her. They went to Kohei's uncle's house. But they couldn't find anyone in there. With the courage they had, Kohei drove his uncle's car.
He drove a little bit fast, that made the car went into a farm and it broke down. They both had to go to hospital with not any serious problems. Since then, they started to like each other and spent some time together.
One day, Kohei brought Sae to a lighthouse. It was cold. Kohei put Sae's hand into his jacket. They stood closer to each other and he kissed her in the sunset.
Sae was a high school girl, whose mother was a nurse and father had died since she was 5.
Kohei was a high school boy, whose father was a sailor and their family own a fish company.
Sae was very determined to move to Tokyo to go to a university. She studied very hard, and she got in. She was very happy, but not for Kohei. He wished Sae never made to that university so they could spend  their whole life together. But reality spoke different.
On the day Sae had to leave for Tokyo, she saw Kohei's ship in the sea on her way to the airport. Fro that ship, Kohei made a banner written "GOOD LUCK SAE!"
They were shouting at each other, giving support, and Sae said that she would be back.

In Tokyo, Sae met a photographer. His name was Junichi. He annoyed Sae at the first time they met. But then they started to get along, because Junichi helped Sae finding a job.
Suddenly, Kohei went to Tokyo without telling Sae. He was in front of her school. When he saw her, he was about to call her name, but then he saw Junichi was with her. So he decided to just remained silent.
It was Christmas day. Sae brought Kohei to a restaurant. But before they even ordered anything, Kohei left. And on their way back to Sae's apartment, Kohei fought with strangers because they broke his present for Sae.
In Sae's apartment, Kohei was standing still while Sae grabbed a napkin to wipe blood on Kohei's lips. Sae wiped his lips slowly and then suddenly Kohei hugged her.
A couple of days later, Kohei flew back to Hokkaido.
They were still together. But Sae was getting a lot busier with her school and her activities applying or jobs here and there but did not got accepted in any of them.
At the same time, Kohei lost his dad while they were in the ship fishing.
Kohei called Sae and told her that they should just end it up. 

Junichi came to tell her that he was going to move to New York for his job. And he told Sae to move to New York also so she could have a job. She agreed and she moved along. But I think they did not moved at the same time. Anyway, they moved.
Sae worked as a jurnalist in  company and Junichi worked as a photographer in the same company as Sae. And that time she was really good in English, which was a dream of her.
And she was purposed indirectly by Junichi.
Kohei, in Hokkaido, still was a fisherman. He married Ritsuko, a girl who used to work in his father's company.
Months after Kohei's marriage, Sae came back to Hokkaido to attend Minami's wedding party. Minami was her best friend. In Minami's wedding party, Sae met Kohei with Ritsuko. They talked for a while.
The next day, Sae met Kohei in the lighthouse, the place where they kissed for the first time.
She gave back Kohei's present that was given to her and she told him that she was going to marry Junichi. Kohei asked if Junichi is a good guy or not. Sae said yes.
Kohei drove Sae home. When Sae about to enter the house, she turned back and found Kohei was standing in front of the car. He ran toward her and they hugged each other.

Sae came back to New York and got a letter from Junichi saying that after he came back from Iran, they would get married. She was very happy.
In Hokkaido, Kohei's marriage did not turn out well. They divorced.
Sae who was very happy, got a bad news from Iran. Junichi was dead in his duty to shoot for pictures.
She was heart broken. She made an exhibit dedicated to Junichi. 
That exhibit showed all the pictures that was taken by Junichi. It was all about smile and eyes of children. He loved to take pictures about eyes and smile, because there are meaning behind that smile and eyes of young children.
Sae was a pretty successful woman at that time. So she went back to the place where she was born, Canada. She went to a lighthouse in Canada where she used to go with her parents.
On her way back from the lighthouse, she passed by a small bar and restaurant. She noticed that there was a ship looked like the one Kohei was given to her. She took it and asked to the man in that restaurant. He said that there was a Japanese fisherman guy who was sailing from Japan to Canada and put that miniature ship in the restaurant. That guy said that it belongs to a lady who was born in Canada. The man in the restaurant suggested Sae to go to the port, and she might found that guy.
So she ran as fast as she could. But when she arrived in the port, the ship had left the port. She shouted Kohei's name. But the ship was too far and her voice was too low to be heard by Kohei.

After living in New York for years, she went back to Hokkaido and found that her mother had married again. Minami visited Sae with her husband and son. She was very happy.
She asked whether Minami or her husband knew where Kohei was. But no one knew. They told Sae that he had divorced.
Sae read books to children in English in her house.
One day, she came out from her house after reading a book to children. While she said good bye to everyone, there was a man standing a little far from her. He was staring at her.
He was Kohei. They looked at each other. Then they both ran toward each other and hugged.
The End.
That's about it. It's a happy ending story.
You can watch the movie to understand it better.
It would tearing your eyes up. So don't forget the tissue.
The lesson I learned from this movie is:
What goes around, comes around.
Love, even it's separated by distance,
it would came back to where it belongs.
It's just a matter of time. 

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