Saturday, April 21, 2012

Every time I spent with you

Every time I spent with you is priceless.
All the time that we have been through together, will always be in here, in my heart, and in here, in my mind.
Every time you hold my hand, I feel safe.
Every hugs that you gave, I feel your warmth.
Smiles that you threw on me, made me blush.
The way your eyes stared at mine, frozen up my mouth from saying a word.
Every time you asked me out, I would secretly jump all over in my room.
When I was with you in the car, I expected you to hold my hand, sing a long with me, or just tell jokes and stuffs that would make me laugh so hard.
I enjoyed every second we had together.
I love every stupid things you did to me.
Although you like to tickle me or tease me, it doesn't matter. Because I know there will be no one who can do the same things as what you did.
I wished that the time would go very very slow when I was with you.
 Stuffs that you ever gave me, remain in my room.
Your scarf, always in my bag. 
When I was with you, I wanted time to just freeze so I don't have to go home to say good bye and let you go.
I am drown in your love, lost in your heart, beaten by the fact that I couldn't see you everyday, killed by the distance, disappointed by my stupid attitude for not telling you how much I love you.
And now there is only one thing in my mind. I miss you.

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