Friday, March 2, 2012

The time when you feel most alone

Silence. Quiet. Nothing. Alone.
Suddenly you feel like you lost in this world without anyone looking for you.
You could see them near you, but you couldn't feel their present.
They are close but they look like far far away from you.
You felt like there wass something stuck in your chest. You tried to let them out, but you can't.
You were trying to find someone to talk with, but you couldn't find any.
You tried to let them out by tweeting every second, but it didn't help anything at all.
It only made your feeling worst and you felt much more lonely.
In just a second, memories got into your head, You didn't recall them, but they cam einto your mind wanted to be memorized. 
Tears. You promised that you won't cry but when you felt most lonely, you couldn't hold it. It kept going out from your eyes, no matter how hard you tried.
These feelings, lonely and missing someone, is a machine that kills you slowly but sure.
The time when I felt most alone was when I wanted to talk to my mom or dad or one of my friends, but I couldn't do it.
When I felt lonely, it was like I'm wearing baby's clothes with extra small size. Too tight.
These feeling, this situation, this condition, make me hard to keep going forward. Sometimes it makes me stuck and not willing to see another day.

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