Friday, March 16, 2012

Recalling high school moments

High school oh high school. You are the best part of my life.
I started to grow up in there, I found many new friends in there, I learned a lot of new things in there.
I still remember thr first orientation day when all the girls have to braid their hair according with the date, and it was Juli 20 something. I remembered the way our seniors yelled at us, created fun games, and gave us a shocking moment before when end the orientation. They called one of my friend to stand up in front of the crowd. The seniors yelled at her saying that she had done a lot of bad things. BUT! After they finished, one of our senior brought out a birthday cake and we realized that it was her birthday and it was a prank. Hahahaha
When I was a junior, suddenly there was a sophomore who suddenly asked my phone number. I gave it to him and my girl friends tease me because of that. And since that day, I felt threaten and I never replied his text ever again. But we're still a good friend until today.
I remember my first time dating a boy. He was a sophomore but his age is older than me *you know what I mean* *peace* It was terrible but fun.
There was also my senior who also suddenly asked my number but I didn't give to him because I didn't know him very well.
My school has an extracurricular called Giri Suta. And on 4th of July or something, when we had an event to celebrate our school's new building, they performed. They went down from the fourth floor to the first floor with rope and we were fascinated. After the event was over, I tried it for a lot of times. It was a little bit scared, but trust me, after you tried it, you are unable to stop.
There was also a moment when I laughed really hard with my seatmate because of my teacher's face.
When we were seniors and we have like the last day of studying before we faced the national final examination, and we decided to go to school with the wrong color of uniform. one third of the seniors were using white and blue instead of white and grey. It was so awesome that most of us agree on using that. Hhaha
And finally, the most tense moment was that national final examination. But yeah, we did great. 100% of my school passed with good score.
Last but not least, my senior prom. It was THE MOST BEST AWESOME day ever. I went there with my junior. He was the one who asked me out. And after that day, we dated.
The best one yet was when my juniors, my best friends, asked me to have photo shoots for a couple of time. It made me love my pictures taken. Lol.
Yeaaah, that was my high school moments. What are yours??

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