Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love that never dies

Sitting on the shore of a beach while waiting for your name appear on my phone screen.
Hoping that you would come and sit next to me, which is an impossible thing to do because you are no longer here.
You left me alone in this world while you have a new life in a new place.

My life stopped when I heard your voice for the last time, saw your smile before you closed your eyes, and held you hand before they put you down there.
As the sun change into moon and stars and so on, I'm still stuck in that day.
I can see no future in me.
There is only you in my mind, nothing else.
I kept asking how could I let this happen.

Being stuck in my past is what I want,
because there is you in my past
A person who colored my cloudy day.
A smile which covered my tears.
A hug that warmed not just my body, but also my heart.
A kiss which was given by a special person like you.

You may leave me, but I will never leave you.
You might think I don't love you anymore, but you are wrong.
You thought you weren't the best, but you proved to me that you can do anything.
I may not be the best, but I gave you the best that I could give.
I might stumble when I'm walking alone, but I know you would come and help me stand up.
I can give you nothing but love.
We may not be together, but our relation will stay strong.
We may live far away from each other, but I can always feel you presence here.
We thought we were not meant for each other, but who knows we actually meant for each other.

Everything takes some time to develop, even love.
Your love might grow in someone else's heart, but I don't think my love will.
You will found a new harbor to settle your "ship", but not me.
You're going to have a better life after this, but I'm not sure if mine will be so.
You are moved on, but have you let go?
I'm in moving on process but I never got to reach the letting go process.
I ran, then I fell. I stood up but I couldn't continue to reach letting go process.

There's always something about love.
Love that appears just because a smile.
Love that grows because of your kindness.
Love that last forever because of faith.
Love that dies because of distance.
Love that never dies because one side love the other so much.

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