Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love and distance

It has been a long time since the last time we met.
I remember our last hug.
I still have your last smile kept in my mind.
Your last words still echoing in my ears.
I felt your last kiss on my cheek.
They are so hard to be erased from inside of me.
The more I try, the harder they try not to be erased.
Now that we both in 2 different places, we both began a new life with new activities and new people, we have to be able to move forward without having each other on our side.
I understood how distance an affect my activities.
I knew how does it feel like to live far away from a person I love.
I found out that sooner or later, we both have to move on.
Move on to a new place and to a new heart.
The sun will always shines no matter what we are about to do.
And so do I. I will always smile whenever I'm sad.
I will always laugh when ever I felt lonely.
I will always believe in you that you will never forget me.
I will always love you no matter you're with someone else. Because you were mine and you always be mine.
Distance made me have to move on even if I don't want to.
Beside moving on, I also have to let go.
Moving on and letting go are 2 different things but they are related to each other. I can't just moving on but not letting go. Therefore I would stuck in the past.
Letting go of something you hate is easy but not for something you love, especially it's a person who used to make a rainbow in your rainy day.
A strong love can be broken by distance.
But a true love is unbreakable no matter how far their distance is.

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