Friday, March 2, 2012


Independent is the situation when you can do pretty much everything by yourself without having anyone helping you.
Bring independent is not an arrogant thing to do. Some people can't distinguish independent and arrogant.
People became independent because they didn't want to bother other with their probs, or because they live alone.
We can see people who live alone abroad, away from their family and friend, did everything alone, became an independent person.
If you some independent people why they like the way they are, they would answer,"why bother other when you still able to do it yourself?"
I am strongly agree with that. If we kept counting on others, when will we be able to do it alone?
If you asked too much help to others, they would think that u don't have the ability to live this live.
Beside, we will not get help every day as long as we live. We also will die alone. It's better for you to do things alone while you can.
Some independent people don't like being accompanied by strangers, especially people they just met. They can only felt comfortable with people they have known for quiet a long tome.
Independent is always the best.
You can do anything you want without having people complaining, you can go everywhere, you absolutely can explore this world by yourself.
Being independent and being single are 3 different things. But the both sometimes in the same situation. Youself.

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